Posted by: Philip Siddons | July 13, 2009

Google Gives Good Phone

Google Voice. New but pretty awesome. Imagine having a free phone number in your area code that when called, rings all of the phones you want (office, home, cell) AND  transscribes voice mails it receives and emails them to you. For instance, you have a delivery or repair person coming at some weird “sometime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.) as if people don’t have to work. You could give the delivering company your Google phone number and when they call, it would ring your cell, your significant other’s cell, your home phone (if you still have a land line in addition to your cell), your office phone. Whichever of you picks it up, gets the call. And if neither of you gets it, it goes into vail. AND that voice mail gets digitized into an email to your Gmail account.  Check it out and get yourself invited at:


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