Posted by: Philip Siddons | July 29, 2010

Video Converter Software

Someone from a TV station hands you a DVD of someone from your company interviewed on their show. You want to put it on your company website but after a lot of hits on converter software, you feel a bit lost.

Or you create a lot of videos yourself with your Flip HD mini-cam but can’t for the life of you figure out how to convert it to a DVD format and get it on a DVD to give to someone.

Then there’s getting your videos to your friends with an iPhone.

Enter AVS Video Converter. If you get their whole package for $60 you also get abouit 16 video and audio creating & editing packages. The Video Converter, alone, is worth it.

So if you are getting into videos in any way, this seems like a must-have tool. It’s made my work a lot easier.

Here’s what the tool’s screen has in it. Notice the variety of file formats one can convert to and from. (a screen shot appears if you follow this link):


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