Posted by: Philip Siddons | November 16, 2010

Spamex – a great online tool to keep unwanted senders at bay.

Every time you disclose your Real Email Address, you lose all control over how it is used. Consider the online service Spamex at

You cannot MAKE someone stop sending you email or prevent them from disclosing it to others. Spamex solves this problem!

Essentially, you can make up an email address of your choice and use it on websites or purchases where you do not know what the recipients will do with it. Whenever something is sent to that disposable address, it gets routed to your real address but the sender never knows your real address. When you receive email through this disposable email address, you can choose to eliminate the email address or keep it running. It is disposable and won’t affect your regular email address(es). You can turn it on again to work later or never use it again.

What I tend to do is make an email address so that I can tell for whom it was first intended. If they sell that address, I can tell they sold it if I’m getting spam from some other vendor.

For instance, if I buy something online from I don’t know these people. I decide to make a disposable email address and call it Two months later, if I get unwanted sales emails from or from, I can see from the email that got to me that actually sent it or sold the email to Not bad for less than $10 a year.

With Spamex you can:

  • Hide your Real Email Address
  • Stop unwanted email permanently
  • Reveal who disclosed your information
  • Keep track of logins and passwords
  • Make it easy to change your Real Email Address at any time

Read what our users say about Spamex

With Spamex Disposable Email Addresses you can safely provide a working email address to anyone and not have to worry about whether they will send you unwanted email or sell your email address to others.

Spamex works with everything

(Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, PC, Mac, Unix, AOL, Earthlink, Juno, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasas, and more…)


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