Posted by: Philip Siddons | March 9, 2012

A Web Page of Your Own

A Web Page of Your Own



Today, with thousands of companies and projects competing for attention and revenue, you have to get noticed. We don’t want to stand out the middle of the road dressed in a chicken costume. Rather, we’d prefer some other, more dignified, electronic form of communication.


Fortunately, it’s getting easier than ever to communicate on the Internet. It used to be that you had to have all this to do it:


  • An account with a network hosting company so you could put up your web pages
  • Experience with HTML code and know-how with an expensive web-authoring software package like Adobe Dreamweaver
  • The uncanny special perception gift of knowing where files are on a distant web server as well as your own hard drive


The good news is that now you can get what is called a “splash page” of your own to promote your project. The folks at the About.Me company have made it as easy as is humanly possible. Here are some of the things you can put on your page:


  1. The headlined title of your project or company (or your own name)
  2. A description of what your project is about
  3. A company logo
  4. A screen-wide background image (or you can use any of their templates)
  5. Direct links (with appropriate icons) to the social media services with which you subscribe
  6. Website links (URLs) to your favorite websites
  7. Change colors, fonts and add tags to be found by search engines


Especially handy is the portability of your page. You can print it on your business cards or electronic video business card. You can include the link in the signature of your email. You can place the link on an existing webpage or even on posters, flyers or pamphlets. Since everyone is on the Internet these days, it’s a good idea to let everyone know about your project.


As an example, here is one I made for Fly By Night Publishing:


Get your company or project name a free splash page. I don’t know how they can do this for free but it sure works well.


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