Posted by: Philip Siddons | May 22, 2010

Web Pages That Gather User-Supplied Information

I’ve been experimenting with more professional looking web forms at work and have found something that works great but costs about $170 a year for the subscription. Take a look at these two web pages (They’ll be up only through June 2010 because once the event dates pass, they’ll be taken down.). With these forms, people can fill out with their information and automatically submit without going into their email client.

The nice feature about the forms is that they make web pages more interactive, helping people easily get information to individuals in an organization secuely. They also look more professional than some other forms I’ve tried.

This is a valuable and quality programming tool available to non-programmers. Subscriptions to use it can be obtained at and there is a 30 day trial available. So if you want to make your website(s) more interactive, allowing your visitors to easily submit information (of your choosing), this may be the tool you’ll use quite a bit.

While the email you receive with the user’s information has more wording and information than just the field names and the user’s data, you can log into your AWeber account and download a spread sheet of the data. This is quite helpful when you are collecting large amounts of information such as hundreds of attendees to your annual fundraiser banquet.

Check it out at;

Posted by: Philip Siddons | February 14, 2010

Using the Posterous Bookmarklet – Posterous Help

This is the window you get to automatically share something on your screen in Posterous

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Posted by: Philip Siddons | July 13, 2009

Google Gives Good Phone

Google Voice. New but pretty awesome. Imagine having a free phone number in your area code that when called, rings all of the phones you want (office, home, cell) AND  transscribes voice mails it receives and emails them to you. For instance, you have a delivery or repair person coming at some weird “sometime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.) as if people don’t have to work. You could give the delivering company your Google phone number and when they call, it would ring your cell, your significant other’s cell, your home phone (if you still have a land line in addition to your cell), your office phone. Whichever of you picks it up, gets the call. And if neither of you gets it, it goes into vail. AND that voice mail gets digitized into an email to your Gmail account.  Check it out and get yourself invited at:

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